Investment services

We offer investment services that can be tailored to your investment concerns and objectives.

Within the scope of investment services HSBC Bank Armenia provides.

Brokerage services

Acting as a broker, we accept, transfer and/or execute buy/sell orders of securities, conclude deals with securities on behalf of the Bank or the customer and at the expense of the customer.

Custody services

Any activity associated with safekeeping and custody of securities as well as with registration and transfer of the rights on securities is considered to be Custody activity, which is provided by the Bank.

Investment products

We actively seek innovative approaches to meet your investment needs using our global knowledge to provide the right investment opportunities for you.

Investment services activity is regulated and licensed by Central Bank of Armenia. Within the scope of investment services HSBC Bank Armenia cjcs provides.

Call us on:

+37460 655 000

Our phone lines are open 24/7

Last updated on: 22/11/19 18:47 UTC

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