Transfers in Chinese RMB (YUAN)

Remittances to China are possible in Renminbi (Chinese Yuan) with HSBC Bank Armenia.


Chequebook provides the opportunity to make payments to individuals from your Company’s accounts when it is not feasible to do it via bank transfer.

Autopay payroll service

The Autopay payroll service is a simple and easy way for making regular payments of salaries to the personal accounts of your employees.

POS terminals

We provide card acquiring services to our commercial customers via POS terminals at the points of sale as well as at online platforms which allow the merchant to offer non-cash payment options to its consumers. Point of sale systems are widely used in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, various trading outlets, boutiques, entertainment complexes, clubs, casinos, as well as almost any type of retail establishment. The installation procedure for HSBC Bank Armenia account-holders is quick and straightforward.

Cash Operations

Cash collection services

We are arranging all necessary steps to properly organize cash collection activities from your merchant(s) and credit delivered cash to respective account numbers. You may also benefit from shipment services when cash is transported from the Bank to your offices/premises.

Global receivables

HSBC Bank Armenia could help you manage your entire collection cycle with greater speed and efficiency.

Global payables

Simplify processes by making electronic and paper-based domestic and international payments quickly and easily. Using our global payables solutions, you will be able to manage expenses and payments more effectively, while also minimizing your exposure to payment fraud. Reconciliation is also faster, which can help further streamline payments management.

Money transfers

Efficient and secure way of transferring and receiving funds