Bank guarantees & Standby documentary credits

Conduct business with confidence, even where you lack established relationships, through the use of guarantees and standby letters of credit.

Financial guarantees

Use our lease, customs and other financial guarantees as a substitute for cash deposits with your counterparties, freeing your working capital and potentially securing favorable contract terms. Provides financial security to the beneficiary should the applicant fail to make payment for the services supplied.

Standby documentary credits (SDCs)

In markets where your suppliers and buyers are less comfortable with guarantees, HSBC Bank Armenia can support your business via both financial and non-financial standby letters of credit.

Non-financial guarantees

Open up new opportunities with HSBC Bank Armenia issued guarantees, negotiate better contract terms via our performance and warranty guarantees and secure up-front payments via our advance payment guarantees.

Counter guarantees & SDCs

Counter guarantees & SDCs are issued in favor of a third bank to support re-issuance of a Bank guarantee. They are very common for international transactions and best managed via HSBC network globally.

Standby documentary credits (SDCs) confirmations

Confirmation for SDC received by the Bank in favour of the beneficiary, considering the risks of SDC issuing bank and country risk.

Bank guarantees tariffs

Bank guarantees tariffs