Standby documentary credits (SDCs) confirmations

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Confirmation for SDC received by the Bank in favour of the beneficiary, considering the risks of SDC issuing bank and country risk.

At a glance

Want to expand your field of commercial activities

Are looking to enter new geographical markets

Aim to reduce the risk of your international operations

Need to improve your cash flow management

Need to build a good relationship with the beneficiary

Want to give your beneficiary assurance from a world-class financial institution

Key benefits

  • Provides security to the counterparty by a reputable Bank.
  • Provides security for either financial or non-financial obligations.
  • Payment of the sum agreed in the Bank guarantee and standby documentary credit will be made in accordance with the terms of the Bank guarantee and standby documentary credit, on presentation of a complying demand from the Beneficiary, in spite of any issues arising from the underlying commercial contract.
  • As part of HSBC Group we can issue Bank guarantees and standby documentary credits through HSBC Group offices overseas.

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